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Here they are learning about Photoshop

Creation Club

Creation Club is an after-school club for middle schoolers who are interested in digital creation. At the FFL we have a room called the Creation Lab. In this room there are three desktop computers (2 PC and 1 iMac). On them we have audio, video, image, photo editing, and 3D modeling software. You can also […]

Training on the 3D Printer

Today at the FFL, the Fab Lab Task Force (aka the Fabtastic 4) learned how to print on the Makerbot Thing-O-Matic. We started with something really small and easy, just learning the basic process of turning it on and sending a design to the printer. We all poked around on Thingiverse, a kind of public […]

FFL FabLab

While doing my internship, I was honored to shadow Lauren Smedley, the FFL’s Transliteracy Development Director, on the reference desk. If you remember, she taught me about transliteracy at the time and told me a little about a project she is working on called the FFL Fab Lab. This year, I’m honored to be working […]

Internship Day 11

The Fayetteville Free Library has two reference desks, one in the front by the circulation desk and the adult collections and one in the back near the teen space and children’s area. Tonight was my first chance to shadow a librarian at the back reference desk. My librarian was Lauren, the Transliteracy Development Director. Lauren […]


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