Halloween! (And Internship Day 17)

Every year, the Fayetteville Free Library throws a halloween fundraiser called CarniFFaLl. There are games, crafts, a haunted house, and a costume contest. Last year, Katie asked me to volunteer to help her at the photo booth/costume contest and I did. This year, I helped her plan, set-up, and take down the photo booth. For the costume contest, we take photos of all of the children who enter, print them out, and display them on a board for the judges to evaluate (that way they don’t have to be present to win). Parents who like the photos, are able to purchase nice large glossy prints of their children’s photos.

So, Katie and I made the coolest backdrop possible. We put it together on Friday night after the library closed. On Saturday, the day of CarniFFaLl, Katie set up the computer and printer and her boyfriend manned the printing station while we posed the kids for their photos and Katie shot them (I arrived at 9:30, CarniFFaLl started at 11). I tried to make sure that the list of names and the photos taken were matched as accurately as possible. However, due to printer problems, we were unable to have all of the contest photos printed by 3pm when the event ended, so the costume judging was held on Monday instead. In fact, most of the printing wasn’t finished until almost 5:00. But while Katie was putting the photos to rights, I took down the backdrop and cleaned up as much as possible.

Here are photos of the backdrop and the photo booth crew in costume!

On Monday, the FFL held the preschool Halloween party, which I got to help with as well. We started with a song led by Heather. Then, I read the story time book while Karen and Pete did the props. Next up was a felt board story with ghosts and counting that was a lot of fun. One more song and then it was time for crafts! I was in charge  of the goody bag decorating station. The kids could come over and decorate a paper bag with crayons, stickers, stamps, and foamies. Lots of creative kids in the group. The final activity was leading the kids around the library to nine different offices and desks to trick-or-treat. I had 5 kids in my little group: superman, super girl, two pirates, and a black cat. They were so cute.

(YS internship hours completed: 44.5 of 75)


Volunteering at FestiFFaLl

Today I volunteered at FestiFFaLl, the Halloween themed fall carnival at the Fayetteville Free Library with Katie and Daniel. I had a lot of fun. All I did was write down names, phone numbers, and costume descriptions so we could identify the winners of the costume contest later in the day. I saw a very small Yoda, several Buzz Lightyears, a chef, a zookeeper with a (stuffed) snake, a few lions, and an adorable giraffe. One of the older kids was dressed as Darth Vader and his mask even had a voice changer, I was really impressed.

The thing that excited me the most about working at FestiFFaLl was the idea that my future will be full of similar events. I will have opportunities to organize events, encourage young readers, play with/teach children, and have FUN almost all the time. Who knows, I may even be able to bring my cats to the library with me like Meg Backus and Ace the Library Dog.