#Tw101VPA – Two classes about Twitter

TwitterMy IST 620 Advanced Topics in Information Innovation class is a project based course. The professor broke the class up into small groups and connected us with real-world clients. My partner, Jennifer Liddy, and myself have been working with the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) to create a document of social media guidelines that they can use for opening new accounts, branding, and best practices. One of the other things our clients wanted to learn specifically was how to engage more with their community through social media.

To meet this need, Jennifer and I gave two presentations today on how to use Twitter to the faculty and staff of VPA. Twitter 101 was a basic introduction to the mechanics of how to use Twitter. We helped them open accounts and taught them how to Tweet and use #, @, and RT. In Twitter 201, we focused on more advanced techniques such as how to find followers, build a reputation, develop a brand, and interact with followers as a representative of VPA. If you are interested, you can view the presentations on Slideshare or in my Portfolio.

While the attendance was not as good as our contacts at VPA had hoped for, we reached the people that needed to learn the most. Even the staff members who use Twitter the most often learned something new from us. That counts as success.


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