Internship and School Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but don’t think my lack of updates speaks to laziness, more a testament to my busyness. This is the last week of classes in school for the Fall 2011 semester and I’m a little sad and also a little excited. As this semester ends, I am looking towards my last semester in library school in the spring and then the scary terribleness of potential unemployment. Don’t worry, I’m already actively searching and applying for jobs. I just worry about what happens if I graduate without one ready. As the semester ends, I’m also working hard on the last few assignments due. One paper on policy recommendations regarding lending ebooks in libraries is really interesting to research. But alas, as with all papers, less fun to write.

I’m also finishing up a group project in my social media class with suggestions for CNYCentral to revamp their social media and internet presence. Our group was focused on integrating social media networks into the CNYCentral webpage and the introduction of blogging to the contributors. That one is due on Thursday, but I’m not worried, we rocked that project.

Next semester I’m still playing with my course schedule but I’ve pretty much decided on what classes I’ll be taking. You can find the list here. Tech, social media, teaching, and collection development. Oh yeah!

For my internship, all of the books and CDs for the early literacy kits have been ordered. Collection development for the reference and nonfiction collections is completely interesting. As of today I’ve completed 61.5 hours for my youth services internship and 50 hours for reference. I still have a few (38.5) hours to go to meet my 150 hours, but I’m almost there. I’ve really been enjoying everything I’ve done so far and I’m looking forward to finishing up the early literacy project even after my internship hours have been completed.

(reference internship hours completed: 50 of 75)
(YS internship hours completed: 61.5 of 75)


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