Internship Day 16

 Next Monday is Halloween. In honor of the holiday, the youth services department throws a special preschool Halloween party complete with story time, songs, crafts, and trick-or-treating. I will be helping with the party as part of my internship: reading the book and running one of the craft tables before taking a group of trick-or-treaters around to different desks and offices in the library for candy and treats. So I went into the library today to practice with Karen for the story time. We thought it would be fun to read the book but also have props that show what’s going on. The book is titled Halloween Night and it’s by Elizabeth Hatch.

After deciding on the logistics of the story time, I set myself up at one of the work computers and began trying to transfer my hand drawn ideas for decorating the kit bags into Adobe Illustrator. I did a pretty good job on the illustration for the back, I think. But as I was finishing the front, I hit undo one too many times and the program crashed before I could save. So I lost all the work I had done on the front and got completely frustrated. I have to go back and try again next week.

(YS internship hours completed: 41 of 75)


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I am a teen librarian. I am a learner of things and a doer of doings.

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