Internship Day 15

Today I actually started a shopping cart on Baker and Taylor for the board books Karen has approved on my list. It was pretty exciting. Heather logged me in and I went through and added 23 board books to the cart. I hope to add some more next Wednesday after Karen has a chance to look at the copies of some of the other titles I checked out of the library to evaluate. Ordering the music is going to be a little more complicated since the library’s usual supplier doesn’t carry some of the albums I picked. Karen also gave me some suggestions for other board books in the categories we are using, so I placed several more holds.

At the reference desk I worked on the reference book evaluation project Monica gave me. There are some very fine but very old books in the collection. Today I evaluated two titles (each 3 volumes long) on the birds and the wildflowers of central new york. Two of the  Birds of Central New York volumes contained detailed descriptions of the birds, their habits, feeding patterns, etc. The third volume was all colored illustrations of the birds. The wildflower books were similar, one volume of illustrations and two volumes of descriptions. My recommendation is to weed them from the collection since we have much more recent bird and wildflower books that contain color photographs. Not to mention the great web resources I found.

(reference internship hours completed: 36 of 75)
(YS internship hours completed: 37 of 75)


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I am a teen librarian. I am a learner of things and a doer of doings.

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