Internship Day 12

I started off the morning by reviewing the music I had picked out last week and doing some more searching until I had at least one album for each category. Some categories have several to choose from. I then did some research and comparison for rewriting the early literacy page of the the Fayetteville Free Library webpage. I then spent some time thinking of the design for the early literacy kits. The packages will be the same as the current collection, but I want to make them identifiable as a different type. So I’ve come up with designs for both the front and the back of the bag. The back will have a stencil and the front will have a label with the kit category and contents. I’ll post those designs later when I’ve had some time to fancy them up a bit.

Then, it was reference project time with Monica! There are only about three pages left in my current list. I will be able to finish next time!

(reference internship hours completed: 28 of 75)
(YS internship hours completed: 25.5 of 75)


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I am a teen librarian. I am a learner of things and a doer of doings.

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