Internship Day 7

Wednesdays are my usual youth services internship hours. I was able to observe the young First Steps Storytime program again before plunking myself down on the floor in the kids room to read all of the board books my library has available. In order to make it easy for me to keep track of the board books I think would be a good addition to our early literacy kits, I used the Goodreads app on my iPhone to scan the isbns of the books I liked. I created a special shelf in my Goodreads account to record all of the information and have been adding to it regularly as other board books I placed holds on come into the library for me.

My goal is to have about 100 books by next Wednesday. If you have any suggestions for awesome board books, let me know in the comments! Once we have the books chosen and the topics set, I’ll be choosing music CDs and toys to add to each topic kit. I can’t wait to start researching that. Also in each kit will be a pamphlet with a timeline of early literacy development and some suggestions for activities to do with children of different ages and developmental stages for each kit.

Another project I’ll be working on along with developing the early literacy kits is a redesign of the library’s early literacy webpage. Leah is going to teach me how to use Joomla! I’m excited about learning a new content management system.

(YS internship hours completed: 13 of 75)


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2 thoughts on “Internship Day 7”

  1. Great books:

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little STar (A Sign and Say Book)
    Wee Willie Winkie
    Counting Kisses
    Anything Skippy JonJOnes
    Pajama Mamas
    Five Sillie Turkeys
    Duckie’s Wish
    Farm Faces (they are a series, the book is a mask)
    Anything by Sandra Boynton: Personal favorites include “Pajama Time” and “Hey! Wake Up!”
    Hector Protector
    I Kissed the Baby
    That’s Not My Puppy

    Those are the only ones I can think of right now, lol.

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