Internship Day 4

Today I observed two of the Storytime programs: First Steps which is for children up to age 3 who are walking, and Preschool Terrific 2’s and 3’s which is for children aged 2 and 3 who are ready to listen to stories. First Steps had about 15 kids and parents. It was pretty loud and energetic. The kids really seemed to enjoy the songs and chants, they payed more attention when all the parents were participating in the activity but Karen still had to be flexible with the plan in order to keep the kids hooked. The 2’s and 3’s program had only 5 kids with their parents. They were much more sophisticated in that they could understand Karen’s instructions and participate in some dialog. They seemed to be more interested in the stories than in the songs and chants.

Afterwards, Karen and I spoke about the style she uses in her storytimes and my impression of the kids and parents in both sessions. We talked about how choosing the right book for a storytime is almost an art, balancing length with an engaging story while keeping in mind that the audience changes every week.

We then had time to discuss the research I did last week on other libraries that have circulating collections of early literacy kits for babies. She then connected me with Heather, one of the librarians in charge of purchasing childrens’ books, so that I could research new board books. While searching one supplier’s catalog for board books released in 2011, I kept in mind the possible topic designations the books could be grouped in. I picked out over 20 books from the list that I think could be used in our kits and I’m going to see if they are available in the Onondaga County system so that Karen and I can review them before we decide to purchase anything.

Following that, I attended the FFL’s Youth Services meeting where I got to learn about the current programs and projects and the ones coming in the next two months. I may be able to help with two of the events which is pretty exciting.

(YS internship hours completed: 9 of 75)


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