Volunteering at FestiFFaLl

Today I volunteered at FestiFFaLl, the Halloween themed fall carnival at the Fayetteville Free Library with Katie and Daniel. I had a lot of fun. All I did was write down names, phone numbers, and costume descriptions so we could identify the winners of the costume contest later in the day. I saw a very small Yoda, several Buzz Lightyears, a chef, a zookeeper with a (stuffed) snake, a few lions, and an adorable giraffe. One of the older kids was dressed as Darth Vader and his mask even had a voice changer, I was really impressed.

The thing that excited me the most about working at FestiFFaLl was the idea that my future will be full of similar events. I will have opportunities to organize events, encourage young readers, play with/teach children, and have FUN almost all the time. Who knows, I may even be able to bring my cats to the library with me like Meg Backus and Ace the Library Dog.


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I am a teen librarian. I am a learner of things and a doer of doings.

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