Possibilities of QR Code Graffiti

It's me!In IST605 this week, we learned about QR codes. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen them, but it was the first time I ever thought about them. Having lived the last four years in Japan, I got used to seeing QR codes everywhere. They are on food packages, fliers, and some books. Probably the best use of a QR code was on bus stops. Next to the printed schedule was a QR code that would take you to a digital copy of the schedule that you could bookmark on your phone and to the transportation website where you could do a “route finder” search to find out the cheapest, fastest, or arrival/departure time specific routes.

In 605, we were prompted to think about how libraries could use QR codes to improve member experience. In my small group we thought it would be interesting to have a QR code on each resource (book, dvd, cd, etc) with a link to related works and things by the same author. Ever since class, I’ve been seeing useful places to put QR codes. Like the bus stops in Japan, wouldn’t it be awesome to put a QR code on calendars or event posters so people can record the dates and times or event information? The Syracuse International Film Festival is going on this month and I’ve seen posters for it, but none of them have schedules and a QR code would take up little space but could give complete listings for all films that will be screened. Also, I went apple picking this weekend and QR codes next to the apple variety names would have been a great way for the apple farm to give information about the types of apples, like whether they are sweet, tart, or are a good choice for making apple pie. And wouldn’t it be interesting to find a QR code on a restaurant menu that takes you to a website where you can vote for your favorite dish or write customer reviews?


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