Ninja Assassin… Librarian?

Prof. Lankes wants to be a veloceraptor and I want to become a ninja assassin librarian. I hadn’t even realized that was an option until Prof. Lankes mentioned it tonight in his impassioned speech about being or not being worker bees. Some classmates feel that they aren’t creative enough to be innovative but they are good at following directions, hence the worker bees. But I think, just because you lack creativity does not mean you can’t be innovative. Innovation doesn’t mean you always have to be the one with the AMAZING idea. It just means making changes. Big changes or small changes, it’s all innovation.

When I leave class on Wednesday nights after the legendary Dave “Braveheart” Lankes motivational speeches, I feel a combination of awe, inspiration, and fear. Awe because Professor Lankes has a way with words that I can only wish I could imitate and because he can show you how a librarian can be more than just a keeper of books. Inspiration to be a librarian, to NOT be boring, and to change the world. And fear that I will fail.

This evening, when he drew the two diagrams on the board of the “worker bee” librarian and the “part of a web” librarian, I decided I want to be part of the web. I don’t suffer from delusions of grandeur, I’m pretty certain I won’t be one of those librarians that everyone lauds for having done something grand. But I am no longer afraid that I will fail, because I can start by changing the things that I have control over and maybe, by doing that, change the world the tiniest bit and feel proud that I have made a difference. As a ninja assassin librarian I may not be the one in front of the pack leading the library innovation movement, but I will calmly and quietly leave my mark on the world to come.


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I am a teen librarian. I am a learner of things and a doer of doings.

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