IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

This semester I am taking a course on International Librarianship (IST600 M009). For class this week, each student had to choose an activity or group in IFLA and make a short presentation describing it to the class. I chose the audiovisual and multimedia section for my presentation because when browsing through the groups, they had a lot more information available than some of the others. One of the more interesting things I came across while learning about the AVMS was a project they are involved in called IconoTag. It is a project to study multilingual indexing for pictures. Anybody can help them with the project by going to the IconoTag website, choosing a language you are familiar with, and tagging some pictures for them.

I am also interested in reading the papers that were presented at this years IFLA Conference in Gothenburg because the theme for the AVMS was “Open access – on the horns of a dilemma between piracy and legality?” I will let you know when they publish the papers online, since you might find it interesting as well.


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